If a spouse, a child, or a parent relies on you for support, you need life insurance.


There are so many life events that call for reassessing our insurance needs.  To name just a few of these transformations:

  • Marriage or divorce

  • Changes in your estate

  • New children or grandchildren

  • Opening or expanding a business

  • Major changes in health

  • Providing financial assistance for a family member

  • Buying or refinancing a new home

  • Death of a spouse

  • Retirement planning

  • Receiving an inheritance


Premier Capital offers a full range of individual and business benefits to meet your changing needs.  These include:

Estate Planning 
Capital Analysis 
Individual Life Plans 
Individual Disability Plans

Business Continuity 
Buy/Sell Agreements 
Salary Continuation 
Key Man Insurance 

Long Term Care Coverage 
Medicare Supplements 
Executive Compensation 
Split Dollar Life Insurance 

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